Simple + Easy

Our memberships are simple and there are never any hidden fees or costs. There are no annual maintenance fees that inflate your seemingly low monthly cost like at other larger chain gyms, and no cancellation fees. Our pricing is transparent and comparable to other private gyms. Memberships allow 24-hour use of the facility and include various membership perks.


  • Primary Member: $39 sign-up + $44.88/mo.
  • *Secondary member(s): $29 sign-up + $35/mo.
  • No fees, no cancellation charge.

*Secondary members must live in the same household as the primary member (spouse, child, etc.). Secondary members can be on a different membership option than the primary member (i.e., the primary member is monthly and secondary is weekly and vice versa).

Prepaid Discounts

Our memberships are recurring monthly as described above. However, occasionally (Black Friday for example) we offer prepayment discounts for those that like to pay upfront and save a little. We make it known ahead of time when this will be available.

Just Visiting? Other Options (maybe)...

We have a total membership cap here at Eights Gym to assure that we never get too crowded. However, if we are under that cap with our recurring monthly and weekly memberships, we will offer short term memberships for out-of-town visitors and/or infrequent visitors. If at any point we are at the membership cap, the short term membership options will not be offered.

We have a 1-week membership for $29.88 or a 1-month membership for $59.88. If you're a regular visitor to the area, we also have a 10-visit punch card membership for $88.88 that may or may not be better suited for your situation, depending on your frequency of usage. Punch card visits never expire.

If you click the JOIN NOW button above and the short term memberships are listed, then they are available. If you don't see them, then they're not available. After you purchase one of these short-term options online, and have agreed to and signed the T&Cs and waiver, you MUST call or text us (text message preferred) at 484-862-5002 to arrange to have your key-fob ready for you. As much notice as possible is best because we both work other full-time jobs and have a busy young family in addition to running the gym.

Age Restrictions + Minors

We both enjoyed working out in our teenage years, and we want to allow minors to work out in our facility as well. Given the unstaffed nature of our facility, we have to place some reasonable guidelines on minors working out here. All gym activity by minors will be closely monitored, and gym memberships of minors can and will be revoked without a refund if any issues are brought to light. We have to protect our interests and the interests of our other members, so in this regard there will not be warnings and/or second chances.

Minors ages 16 and 17 can be regular members and utilize the facility between the hours of 8AM - 8PM only. However, it is strongly recommended and encouraged that they only use the gym with adult supervision.

Minors ages 14 and 15 can be members, but will not receive their own key fob and can only come to the gym with another adult and must be supervised at all times. They are not allowed to be unattended in any workout area of the gym at any time. Due to the restrictions on 14 and 15 year-olds, their cost is $15/mo.

All minors will need to have a parent or legal guardian sign the additional minor waiver. Children under the age of 14 cannot use the facility.