About Eights Gym

Small Town + Family Owned

Eights Gym + Fitness is located in Alburtis, Pennsylvania. Alburtis is the epitome of a hardworking small town; we don't even have a single traffic light. Most members know most members, or will eventually, and everyone is welcoming and helpful. We have fostered a family atmosphere that encourages and builds up everyone's fitness (and life) goals.

Eights is owned by Alburtis residents with a young family, so we care deeply about the community and providing a place of business that everyone can be proud of. Here at Eights you can reach out to the owners directly with any questions, issues, or suggestions you have and receive a response typically that same day. We value our member's satisfaction above all else.

24-Hour Access

Eights Gym + Fitness is a 24-hour unstaffed facility. Barring unforeseen acts of nature (or global pandemics!), Eights is always available to you anytime you want! All members receive an RFID key fob that they use to access the gym 24-7-365.


Upstairs, Eights has an approximately 600 square foot cardio room with huge windows providing a pleasant view of Main St. and some historic buildings. You can count the trains as they pass by while you get your work in. The cardio room currently features:

  • 1 StairMaster stepmill
  • 3 Precor 954i treadmills (new belts/decks installed January 2021!)
  • 2 Precor 842i recumbent bikes
  • 3 Life Fitness ellipticals with touchscreens
  • 2 Schwinn ICPro 20 spin bikes
  • 1 Concept 2 Rower

As we grow we certainly aim to continually rotate and update the cardio equipment to the latest and greatest.

Downstairs we have over 1000 square feet dedicate to weight training. To be able to use this space per the building code we had to insulate, drywall, and install a new HVAC system. That system includes constant ventilation and indoor/outdoor air-exchange, so it's always comfortable. The weight room currently features:

  • dumbbell pairs up to 100 pounds, with plenty of duplicates
  • assorted kettlebells
  • flat, upright, and adjustable benches
  • 4-stack jungle gym cable machine with an adjustable high/low pulley, 1 seated row station, 1 lat pulldown station, and 1 triceps station
  • functional trainer for additional cable movements, including cable crossovers
  • wide assortment of cable attachments, including the complete thumbless MAG Grip set
  • selectorized leg curl/extension combo machine
  • plate loaded multi-grip adjustable flat/incline/decline bench press
  • plate loaded unilateral Hammer Strength leg press
  • plate loaded multi-grip chest supported row
  • preacher curl bench
  • combo dip and back supported leg raise tower
  • 2 deadlift platforms
  • FOUR wall mounted power racks with 3" x 3" 11 gauge steel and 1 inch "Westside hole spacing" throughout the bench area and upgraded sandwich j-cups
  • 3 Texas Power Bars, 2 Texas Squat Bars, 1 Texas Monster Squat Bar, 2 Texas Deadlift Bars, 1 Rogue Matt Chan bar, 1 Rogue Bella Bar, Kabuki Duffalo Bar, Kabuki Kadillac Bar, EliteFTS SS Yoke Bar, 2 trap/hex bars, 1 rackable curl bar, 1 triceps bar
  • Belt Squat
  • Enough weight to have half a dozen elite powerlifters maxing out simultaneously including TWO Rogue calibrated 459KG plate sets
  • Warm up and/or cool down room with lighter dumbbells and a ballet barre
  • resistance bands, band pegs, lifting chains, pull blocks, both size BenchBlokz, medicine balls, ab bench, back extension, yoga mats, AND MORE!!!

We are very proud of the equipment we have to offer in our limited space. We are also not finished, and have some ideas about additional equipment and some rearranging we'd like to complete to make it even better!


Other Perks + Amenities

  • single-occupant men's and women's restrooms w/ showers
  • a 3rd unisex bathroom
  • common area featuring large mirror with extra lighting
  • sweat towels
  • lockers (bring your own lock)
  • coat/bag hooks
  • vending machine (energy drinks, protein bars/snacks)
  • TVs Amazon Fire TV Sticks for streaming music/movies
  • fast and free WiFi
  • first aid kit and AED defibrillator
  • security cameras
  • FREE complimentary bottle of water every visit!
  • FREE mints/candy every day!